An ECR is a tailor made machine to issue Receipts/Cash memos at electric speed. It is designed to be the fastest machine available for billing and is, thus, the most counter friendly machine.


Retail Counter, Restaurants, Fast Food, Ice Cream Parlors, Sweet Shop, Bakeries, Petrol Pump, Beauty Parlor, Color lab, Entry ticket counter textile shop, Army canteen, Grocery Store, Super Market, Hospital, Amusement Park, Toll Plaza, Buy Ticketing, etc.



T-20 / T-50

High Performance at low cost! So many PLUs?! Communication?! – All Possible!!!

T-20 / T-50 are the low cost machines made for general retail outlets and various simple hospitality industries

You will find extra ordinary features for this kind of model range, such as Scanning function, PC communication, USB Port, SMS facility. Manufactured by Micromation, the latest addition to its range, come with features of 1000 ~ 2500 PLUs, scanner attachment, weighing scale connectivity, Pen Drive attachment, Cash drawer interface and with the latest specification of In-Built of External Battery attachment.

Download T-20 Download T-50

T-90 & D-90

Introducing TRUCOUNT T–90 / D–90, the latest addition to the range of TRUCOUNT Computerized Electronic Cash Registers from Micromation Pvt. Limited., T-90 / D-90 come with the features of Large PLU base, peripherals attachments like weighing scale, External printers, Barcode Scanner, through USB / Serial and parallel port and data upload and down load with the help of Pen Drive. Contents on LCD guide you through accurate operations not only during registration but also programming – easy to grasp registered items and make Void / Correction with scrolling function.


ZIP-20 & ZIP-50

ZIP-20 / ZIP-50 series are quite different from the range: It fits in any operational environment! Further, a choice of 35 + 35 Hot keys will meet various user's preference.

The standard interface such as Serial / RJ45 / parallel allows communication with other peripherals like Bar code scanner, Cash Drawer, Weighing Scale / PC / Pen Drive etc. The system is developed in-house to cater the need of the small & medium outlets. More than 50,000 installations of various models manufactured by Micromation are working throughout the Country.

Download ZIP-20 Download ZIP-50


TRUCOUNT T-10 is manufactured by Micromation by using best possible and proven technology. The system is developed in-house by Micromation a couple of years back to cater the need of the small outlets. More than 10,000 installations of this model are working throughout the Country.


Handy- 30

A portable receipt issue system to support various applications, TRUCOUNT – Handy-30 is manufactured by Micromation by using best possible and proven technology. It has originally developed functions of continuous working for 10 ~ 16 hrs in case of power failure or where direct power is not available, ideal for range of mobile applications. In today's dynamic business world TRUCOUNT recognize the needs of the mobile applications.

TRUCOUNT – Handy-30 offers the latest features in a space saving design to make financial management of an establishment more convenient and efficient. The advance function of this portable easy – to – use system includes high speed printing, PC connectivity and expandable software features.


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