TRUCOUNT iBill software is a ready to use software.

Serve more customers and keep them happy too.

Fast in implementation, easy to learn

Smooth in operation

User friendly

Get the cloud advantage

Multiple terminals

Multiple location billing

Consolidated reports & more

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Micromation started operations in 1986 with Electronic Cash Registers and made strategic alliances with renowned office automation companies like TATA Group, Bradma, Kelvinator, Fujitsu, ICIM etc. for marketing the same under their respective brand names. Later the Company diversified and created its own marketing network. The company has earned a fine name for its products in the market. iBill has also been developed with the same skill, knowledge and expertise.


Why to buy Branded software from a renowned company? Because, one-man / local software developers tend to fold up their business & the buyers are left with a software which cannot be up-graded. Tax structure in country changes frequently which will be upgraded by the company on a regular basis.


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